Our Solutions

EPC, IMS, VoIP, B/OSS and SDP Solutions

UnityOSS NEXT-CORE Multimedia Communication SDP Mobile IPTV SDP

Our Services

We provide Cloud Communication Services, Training and Consulting on IMS, VoIP, B/OSS, M-Commerce and Service Delivery Platforms

Multimedia Services

Enterprises or Retail customers can use our cloud communication services for on-demand Voice, Video and Messaging features available over cloud by using our Multimedia Clients or by integrating through our SDKs with our Cloud Server


We provide tailor-made trainings to our Corporate Clients on Evolved Packet Cores, IP Multimedia Subsystem Core,VoIP, B/OSS and Service Delivery Platforms e.g. Communication, Messaging and M-Commerce Services


Our team has un-matching experience on Next-Geneation cores, B/OSS and Service Delivery Platforms. You can consult us on IMS, EPC and VoIP Network & Services Design, Implementation and Optimization

Product Development

We provide Product Engineering and Development services for Communication Products, B/OSS Products and Service Delivery Platforms such as IPTV, Messaging, Telephony, Mobile Commerce

Who We are

EMI Networks is the start-up founded with the vision of creating state of art solution for next generation communication networks such IP Multimedia Subsytems(IMS) Cores, Evolved Packet Core (EPC), Voice Over IP Core, BSS and OSS Solutions and Service Delivery Platforms ( Mobile TV, Mobile Messaging, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Streaming)

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